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Small Animal

Digital X-Ray Specialists, Inc. has the most options available on the market for small animal veterinary imaging. We offer packages from single plate CR digitizers to wireless DR panels and pacs systems. We can assist you with all veterinary x-ray system solutions for any size project on any size budget. Below are a few of our featured solutions.


We are pleased to feature the Quantum Q-VET-DRR system for small animal x-ray imaging. This system is a full direct digital imaging solution package designed to allow easier positioning, quicker acquisitions, faster throughput, and lower radiation exposure.


The Q-VET-DRR system makes imaging easy for the tech by incorporating an integrated tubestand, 4-way float-top table, and exposure foot switch. After acquisition, the MaxxVue post processing software enhances each digital image for anatomy specific resolution that intensifies the area of concern for quick and reliable diagnosis.


Quantum QVET Brochure

Agfa CR 10-X

The table-top CR 10-X digitizer is based on proven Agfa Healthcare technology with a small robust design offering affordability without compromising on image quality. The CR 10-X works in conjunction with the Agfa NX software suite including MUSICA2. The MUSICA2 software package provides consistent image quality and high contrast detail on every image acquired on the CR giving appropriate image enhancements based on pre-defined parameters within each exam type.


The unique design of the CR with horizontal cassette entry and no intake fan, reduces the risk for dust and hair to enter the digitizer potentially causing artifacts on the image. Also, for faster throughput in high volume facilities, we recommend the Agfa CR 12-X with a total cycle time of just 60 seconds per 14×17 cassette (almost doubled throughput of CR 10-X).


Agfa CR 10-X Customer Testimonials

Rayence DR and PACS

Rayence veterinary imaging solutions are purebred for excellence. The innovative flat panel detectors allow for any size clinic or animal hospital to upgrade from film or CR. Rayence incorporates their Xmaru software suite specifically designed for veterinary use with industry specific tools, features, and measurements.

A full solutions package would include flat panel digital detectors, acquisition software (Xmaru VetView), and a full enterprise level pacs server. Call for more information on these products.