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The SecurPASS Whole Body Digital Security Imaging System utilizes a unique and patented blend of micro dose fan beam, slot scanning technology and large field of view imaging capabilities that will allow you to identify external and internal contraband that is “hidden” on or in a subject. A single whole body image of a subject takes less than eight seconds with an administered dose of less than 0.25 uSv.

Because the fan beam is so tightly collimated and the secondary scatter is so minimal, the SecurPASS does not need to be installed in a lead lined area. This eliminates some extra costs associated with typical medical diagnostic x-ray equipment installations, plus, you only need a standard 110V-15A outlet to power the SecurPASS.

The SecurPASS system is perfect for courtrooms, correctional facilities, government buildings, schools, airports, arenas/coliseums, high security institutions, or any place personal contraband could pose a safety risk.

Frequently Asked Questions





• The software is designed to automatically calibrate itself prior to every scan to ensure the highest quality image.

• The operator has the ability to store an image in a JPEG or BMAP format for long term storage or e-mailing.

• An industrial grade monoblock x-ray generator is used to provide a rating of 10,000 hours or about 4,500,000 images.

• The platform is certified up to 660 lbs.

• The platform can scan right to left, left to right or bi-directional, depending on your work flow.

• The open gantry is unique in design allowing the operator to clearly see the subject being scanned to avoid “contraband pitching”.

• Privacy concerns for facial and soft tissue are not an issue since transmission scanning does not show any soft tissue.


SecurPASS Digital Body Scanner Brochure