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Veterinary Large Animal X-Ray System

Introducing a new x-ray system designed specifically for veterinarians who image large animals. We have custom built from the ground up an extremely quiet and flexible system that offers fast and accurate imaging to enhance the work-flow of traditionally cumbersome techniques for large animals. The VLAXS consists of twin-tracking overhead tube heads and offers ergonomic controls that allow for quick positioning. This system is ready for install at any location as it is compatible with film, CR, and DR.

Years of experience with large animal systems at university veterinary teaching hospitals and now Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital of Lexington, KY have made Digital X-Ray Specialists the “go-to” company for large animal imaging systems nationwide.


“No other product does what the VLAXS will do as quickly, accurately or as quietly.”

Randel Atchley
President Digital X-Ray Specialists, Inc.


Functions and Features:
  • Fully automatic synchronized positioning of detector stand vertically
  • Variable locking of the distance between overheads on handle
  • Standard vertical travel of 2 meters on both overheads
  • X-ray tube tilting of 180 degrees(90 up and down) with adjustable handle positions
  • Non-limited 350 degree axial rotation of X-ray tube
  • Unique mounting of X-ray tube assures unobstructed view of the patient from any angle
  • Ergonomic positioned controls for handling the X-ray Overhead
  • X-ray control and light indicator on X-ray Overhead
  • Laser beams help verify SID for positioning verification