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Small Animal

Digital X-Ray Specialists, Inc. has the most options available on the market for small animal veterinary imaging. We offer packages including tables, single plate CR digitizers,  wireless DR panels, PACS and Cloud PACS systems. We can assist you with all veterinary x-ray system solutions for any size project on any size budget.



The DirectVet digital x-ray system is the perfect choice for new veterinary practices or those looking to upgrade.  DirectVet is powered by a standard wall outlet keeping a clean economical workspace while delivering powerful full digital imaging for any view.

The DirectVet system is capable of 120kVp output creating DICOM compliant images for PACS with the option for sending jpeg images for practice management systems or email to colleagues.  The x-ray source and detector move together for perfect positioning in a user friendly interface that is ergonomically designed with your needs in mind.  A heavy duty table that holds up to 300 lbs is included along with a Cesium detector for quality and precision.

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DynaVue is a 2-in-1 custom designed x-ray system able to produce high quality diagnostic images as well as switch to fluoroscopic mode mid-exam with the touch of a button.

DynaVue is driven by ExamVue, a powerful and robust application designed with the veterinary needs in mind.  Some of the features of this complete system include:

  • 4-way Floating Table Top with Foot Switch
  • Tube Stand Mounted Touch-Screen Monitor
  • High Frequency Generator
  • Ability for Vascular and Gastrointestinal Procedures
  • Cine-Loop Display for Fluoroscopy Videos

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QuickPACS Veterinary Cloud PACS

Enhance your veterinary practice with off-site image storage that allows you to view your x-rays from anywhere.  No onsite server saves space, energy, money, and the hassle of upkeep.  Never have to worry about upgrading or replacing server hardware.  All of you images will be securely stored online for you to view and collaborate.  Benefits of QuickPACS Veterinary Cloud PACS:

  • Seven years of archiving and storage of all images
  • One login credential for a Veterinary Clinician with the ability to log in from multiple computers
  • Additional users can be added for three, five, or UNLIMITED
  • DICOM viewer with variety of measurement and viewing tools
  • Zero footprint viewer for mobile devices included
  • Compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
  • PRIORS showing up on the work-list thereby providing ability to the doctor to pick an old study and view the image and report immediately and compare with new study
  • Database of old reports and images which can be searched based on multiple parameters
  • 24x7x365 support


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